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Children of Light


I paint people--whose depth of being goes far beyond the physical. My art speaks of essence, love, and light. For we are all beautiful, and the light within us glows with the effervescence of color.

Much of our experience lies in the realm of the transcendent, (that which is beyond the scope and definition of the word) for what words can convey the beauty and magnificence of the being? Or of love? What words can speak of the depth of our being? Our hopes? Our dreams? 

                                                                 Sandra Bullock>

 Color is a transcendent language and in my art is the wordless voice that touches upon the essence of the being. And that essence is love--the stuff of which we are made.

                                                  Matthew McConaughey>

Love is light.
Light is love.

And color expresses all of it.

                                                               Oprah Winfrey>

                                                               Elizabeth Taylor>
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